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Tolleson D

  • Owner/Client: Merit Partners
  • Size (SF): 380,000 SF
  • Location: Tolleson, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 12,600,000

This project is a 380,000 SF grey shell building. It is on 25 acres next to the Pepsi Co. Gatorade Distribution Facility. It is a 36’ clear height, tilt-up with cross docking.


Amazon 12 Logistics Center (AZA1)

  • Owner/Client: Amazon
  • Size (SF): 54,730 SF
  • Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 6,210,000

This project is a design/build command center. We are in an old manufacturing facility at ASU Research Park that is being transformed into a Class A office building. The project is consists of a two-story wing with 24,735 SF on the first floor and 29,995 SF on the second floor.


Santa Fe Logistics Center

  • Owner/Client: Tratt Properties
  • Size (SF): 368,000 SF
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 10,800,000

This project is on a 28 acre site. It is a single loader gray shell building. It will be a 32’ clear height with a panelized roof system. It will be a multi-tenant space and have a spec office, concrete paving and a concrete truck court.


Pepsi Co. – Gatorade Distribution and Repackaging Facility

  • Owner/Client: Pepsi Co.
  • Size (SF): 580,000 SF
  • Location: Tolleson, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 18,000,000

This project consists of a 580,000 SF dock high logistics and repackaging and cold storage facility. It is a 36’ clear height on a 33 acre site with 143 trailer spaces. There is 4,500 SF of logistic office space and repackaging office space and a 30,000 SF cool room.

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Banner Thunderbird Medical Pavilion Building Beautification

  • Owner/Client: Banner Health
  • Location: Glendale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 1,095,000
  • Architect: Smith Group JJR

The Renaissance Companies is currently working at the Banner Thunderbird Medical Pavilion. Renovation includes complete landscape upgrade, signage upgrade, exterior building paint and caulking, minor re-striping for new accessible parking, exterior lighting upgrade, courtyard storefront replacement, courtyard concrete replacement, courtyard fountain removal and replacement, public restrooms finish upgrade, exterior elevator landing ceiling & lighting upgrade, elevator controls and finish upgrade, interior corridor complete finish upgrade, interior corridor doors & hardware replacement

Donor Network

  • Owner/Client: Donor Network
  • Size (SF): 5,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 1,000,000

The Renaissance Companies has completed tenant improvement work at Donor Network since 2003 re-configuring the office to meet Donor Networks needs.  We added 2,500 SF of labs and operatory and procedure rooms. In 2005, we added two more operatory rooms. In 2008, we added 4,000 SF of additional office space. In 2012, we remodeled the existing Donor Network Building. We converted 5,000 SF of 1st floor under structure parking into 5,000 SF of additional, loading dock, coolers, prep room, offices, Ocular Lab addition and OR Harvesting Rooms. In 2015 The Renaissance Companies remodeled and reconfigured Donor Networks office into an open office work space to fit there growing needs. Currently,  The Renaissance Companies was asked to come in and do some facility maintenance.

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REI Distribution Center

  • Size (SF): 440,000 SF
  • Location: Goodyear, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 22,800,000
  • Architect: Butler Design Group
  • Owner: Merit Partners

The Renaissance Companies currently completed a warehouse/fulfillment center located on a 34 acre site. Phase I of the project included 376,000 SF of 40’ clear warehouse space with an additional  50,000 SF of processing mezzanine plus a 16,000 SF office in a two-story appendage. The project includes an automated storage retrieval system, a remote welcome center and secured truck yard. Access is provided for employee parking and for trucks through a gated entry. Generous landscaping against the building and a common walking pedestrian path provide a significant shade and visual softening of the large structure. REI is staying true to its environmental and wildlife commitment by using sustainable design practices. The warehouse is designed to achieve a net zero energy use through its 6,700 rooftop solar panels. Other sustainable features include LED lighting, recycled materials, an Air Rotation HVAC System and high efficiency equipment.

REI is registered with the certification goal of LEED Platinum from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

Lehigh Cement Distribution Terminal

  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 3,000,000
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group
  • Owner: Lehigh Cement Southwest Company

This project consisted of and industrial cement distribution terminal and site work. The schedule was of prime importance. Weather delays were overcome and the schedule was preserved. However, during start-up and initial operation of the plant after completion, it was discovered that some of the equipment did not meet the requirements necessary to proper operations. The Renaissance Companies took immediate steps to work with the owner to solve these issues. This was particularly challenging since the party responsible for the plant design was not available to us, because of financial constraints.

The State of the Art facility was a challenge to build. As a team, we stepped in and corrected the design deficiencies and making the necessary changes, all while the plant was in operation. The Renaissance companies team members worked around the clock replacing valves, correcting program deficiencies and completing other steps to bring the plant up to full design capability. Teamwork and dedication to satisfying the client made this project a success.

10 Chandler

  • Size (SF): 400,000 SF
  • Location: Chandler, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 18,000,000
  • Architect: Butler Design Group
  • Owner: Lincoln Property Company

The project was a renovation of a 40-acre site and 3 existing buildings, with the new construction of 6 additional buildings totaling over 400,000 SF. Renovations of the existing buildings included roof repairs, building patching and repaint, interior office remodel, and clean-up. The new construction consisted of the addition of six (6) new concrete tilt panel buildings with loading docks, curtain wall storefront systems, fire sprinkler systems, and building power distribution. The site work included the addition of new infrastructure, including fire main line loops with associated hydrants and PIVs, QWEST phone infrastructure, power distribution including transformers, switches, and pull boxes, as well as the complete installation of over 4,500 linear feet of underground 10 foot diameter storm water retention tanks and 21 dry-wells. The site was paved with significant portions of the existing pavement being removed, ground into millings/fill material, and used as back-fill on the site.


Coldwater Depot Logistics Center – Phase III

  • Size (SF): 187,000 SF
  • Location: Avondale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 6,100,000
  • Architect: Butler Design Group
  • Owner: Trammell Crow Company

The Renaissance Companies has completed this 187,000 SF, class-A speculative industrial building.

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Goldwater Bank

  • Owner/Client: Goldwater Founders, LLC
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 814,000
  • Architect: Pagone & Assoc, LLC

Pima Commerce Center

  • Owner/Client: Shea Commercial
  • Size (SF): 71,950
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 4,300,000
  • Architect: Patrick Hayes Architects

This project consists of a three-story, 71,950 SF office building with two glassed in elevator towers and a glassed in above ground walkways that connect the three office condos, various tenant improvements and all related site improvements.

Winner of NAIOP’s “Talk of the Town” award for 2004
Nominated by Southwest Chapter of I.I.D.A (Pride Awards) for the interior design of Shea Commercials Corporate Headquarters, built by The Renaissance Companies.

Amazon 6 – eCommerce Automated Pic Facility at Riverside Industrial Park

  • Owner/Client: KTR Capitol and Tratt Industrial
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group and Ford & Associates
  • Size (SF): 1,200,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $24,500,000

The project consisted of a 230,000 SF concrete-over-steel deck mezzanine and a build-out of a 40,000 SF LEED Silver tenant improvement. The Renaissance Companies also installed two service entrance sections, re-configured the lighting and placed/energized over 240 packaged air conditioning units on the roof by helicopter. The project was completed in 13-weeks by working 2-10 hour shifts a day, six days a week and with a crew of over 500 people. The Architect was quoted saying “…the best quality they have seen yet.” The Renaissance Companies also worked with material handling conveyors and racking subcontractors to ensure all permits and inspections were compiled in a timely manner so operations could commence as soon as possible.

Award: Best of NAIOP Industrial Tenant Improvement of the year – 2010

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Kyrene Phase III – Building F

  • Size (SF): 122,823 SF
  • Location: Chandler, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 4,647,000
  • Architect: Butler Design Group
  • Owner: EastGroup Properties LP

The Renaissance Companies is currently building a 122,823 SF industrial building with truck wells.

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Turner Spectrum Ridge

  • Owner/Client: Turner
  • Size (SF): 12,000 - 22,000 SF
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $8,000,000

This project has a total of eight buildings ranging from 12,000 – 22,000 SF. These small industrial buildings are complete with warehouse improvements. They have a clear height range for 18’ to 24’. Half of the buildings have truck wells for easier loading and the other half have grade doors. Half of the buildings have a move in ready tenant improved office of 1,500 SF. All are complete with a fenced yard, secured gate and underground retention. Three of the buildings were carefully constructed to have loading docks.

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Amazon 7 – eCommerce Non-Sort Pic Facility at Riverside Industrial Park

  • Owner/Client: Buzz Oates
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group and Ford & Associates
  • Size (SF): 1,300,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $19,000,000

The project consisted of transforming a 1,300,000 SF shell building into a distribution center and 40,000 SF office facility. This project was completed in a 12 weeks by working 2-10 hour shifts a day, six days a week and with a crew of over 500 people. Part of this project consisted of adding more than 75 dock leveler packages to the south side to accommodate the shipping and receiving of product. The office portion consists of two training rooms, a transportation control area, office spaces and Amcare and IT requirements. The Renaissance Companies is working on site improvements including the addition of:

  • A 25,000 SF hazardous materials storage facility
  • New masonry site walls and security fences with automated gates
  • 40 landscape islands, 70 light poles and the reconstruction of some of the trailer/truck parking into 2,000 employee parking spots
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Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • Owner/Client: Kevin Czerwinski
  • Architect: Merit Partners
  • Size (SF): 623,000 (expansion to 1M)
  • Location: Goodyear, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $28,600,000

This project includes a 64-acre site consisting of a LEED silver 623,000 sf facility (expandable to 1,000,000 SF) with a 100,000 SF mezzanine and 20,000 sf Class-A office.

Some unique features are the sports theme interior with a basketball court in the office and a stained concrete baseball field floor in the break room.

The Renaissance Companies tracked materials that were harvested and manufactured within 500 miles of the project site.  The Renaissance Companies also implemented the use of low VOC materials during construction.  The majority of the items included in the section are finishes. A few of these finishes include carpet, caulking and sealants, acoustical tile, and paint.

The Renaissance Companies team used 25% recycled materials and diverted 75% of the construction waste away from the landfill to help achieve the LEED silver construction certification.


Real Estate and Development (RED) Awards – Best Industrial Project – 2013
Best of NAIOP – Industrial Tenant Improvement of the Year – 2013

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U.S. Forest Service

  • Owner/Client: Zeitlin & Zeitlin
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Architect: Will Architects
  • Cost: 1,390,000

This facility was a build-to-suit with GSA for the US Forest Service District Office . This project consisted of an 11,000 SF office building. The build out was 90% office space with public meeting areas, training facilities, and law enforcement office . There was a small warehouse with loading dock, a boarding and training facility for K9 units, and a walled, secured, and covered parking area.

Container Store

  • Owner/Client: Container Store
  • Size (SF): 27,000 SF
  • Location: Glendale, AZ

This project is a 27,000 SF major renovation of an existing retail stand alone building at the Arrowhead mall. The renovation includes removing the entire front wall and part of the roof structure. We are building an entirely new store front and raised the structural height to accommodate the stores need for clear height.

Blue Bell Creameries

  • Owner/Client: Blue Bell
  • Size (SF): 14,213 SF
  • Location: Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

These two separate projects consisted of a 14,213 SF building including 3,266 SF of office. The operational end of the facility consists of a loading dock for local and over the road trucks to receive and ship ice cream to and from the -20 degree F freezer. The dock operates at 40 degree F.
The building shell is a steel structure consisting of joists and metal deck with wall girts for supporting the insulated metal freezer panels. The insulated metal panels range from 5” on the freezer, 4” on the dock and 2” at the office. These panels are a kynar coated 26 gage panel over poly iso insulation and they interlock together as installed.
The roof is a single ply membrane over poly iso insulation varying from 6” to 5” based on location. The concrete building slab is a typical slab for the office with vapor barrier. The warehouse slab is much more complicated. It is a 5” sub slab with 6” of insulation and a top slab of 6”. A 45 mil vapor barrier rest over the 5” sub slab and below the poly iso insulation. The sub slab sits on a 24” deep rock bed with perforated vet pipes which vent the sub slab area to the building exterior.
The building has five dock doors for servicing trucks and freight. The single dock leveler is a vertically storing leveler with bumpers. All dock doors have dock seals.
The freezer is served by a pre-action fire protection system. The remaining facility is fed by a typical wet sprinkler system.
Fire alarm is a Siemens system which monitors the HVAC duct detectors as well as the fire risers flow and tamper switches. The system also has horns and strobes for a fully annunciated system.
The office portion consisted of drivers rooms, restrooms, office spaces, storage, telco, breakrooms and tool room.
Additionally, The Renaissance Companies coordinated the install of the security, access control, and compressed air systems. The security install included a three door access control system and motion detector for intrusion detection.
Site work consisted of site masonry fence, sliding gates, main gates, landscaping, underground utilities with below grade retention tanks, fuel systems, site lighting, and multiple site truck charging stations.

Talking Rock Ranch Compound Golf Resort and Spa

  • Owner/Client: Harvard Investments
  • Architect: Swaback Partners
  • Size (SF): 30,000
  • Location: Prescott, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $13,700,000

This project consisted of a master planned community designed by Swaback Partners that included eleven structures linked with breezeways, porches, and indoor/outdoor patios. The structure is comprised of timber construction and local wood and rock were used as exterior finishes to integrate the facility with its surrounding environment.

The Renaissance Companies overcame the challenge of the location by having a Superintendent temporarily live near the job site and by using mostly local subcontractors.

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Arizona Medical Natural Health Clinic

  • Size (SF): 4,800
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

This 4,800 SF Tenant Improvement was in a free standing Medical Office Condo that The Renaissance Companies originally built in the Sonoran Village Center. It consists of offices, treatment rooms including naturopathic healing, chiropractic, massage therapy and reflexology, laser treatment, Intravenous and Chelation, blood laboratory, Infrared Detox Sauna, and Health Store and spacious lobby. Through our relationship with the City of Phoenix, we were able to procure an expedited permit process, saving the owner time and money. We worked closely with the Architect, owner and vendors to assure seamless coordination for all medical equipment and IT infrastructure.

Church of Scientology

  • Owner/Client: Cushman & Wakefield of Arizona, Inc.
  • Architect: Nagaki Design-Build Associates
  • Size (SF): 52,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $3,833,266

Full remodel of two buildings, a standalone chapel and a 3-story building attached to a 2-story building. The anticipated six month project was expedited to be completed within a 90 days of receipt of the City permit to expedite a grand opening. Work was completed in a timely manner to allow for a successful building to have occupancy and a great grand opening. The Renaissance Companies quality control, quality assurance program, detailed scheduling, team meetings and follow through with stringent safety program.

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M&I Bank Queen Creek

  • Owner/Client: M&I Thunderbird Bank
  • Location: Queen Creek, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 1,500,000
  • Architect: Bollinger Cardenas Architects

Hensley & Company East Valley Cold Storage and Distribution

  • Owner/Client: Hensley & Company
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group
  • Size (SF): 234,400
  • Location: Chandler, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $23,000,000

The project occupied a 26-acre site consisting of a FDA Food Grade 183,000 SF cold-storage warehouse, 30,000 SF office, 15,000 SF heavy vehicle maintenance facility and fueling island. The buildings construction consists of slab-over-rigid insulation and vapor barrier and tilt concrete panel walls with a 3” layer of ridged insulation between a 3” concrete panel and a 10” structural tilt panel. The maintenance building has seven maintenance bays, a fuel island, a high-pressure wash area, a ganty-mounted truck wash, oil lubrication systems, overhead cranes and compressed air station. The Renaissance Companies engineering and cost control efforts resulted in cost savings of over $60,000.

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Dr. Kim Johnson

  • Owner/Client: Dr. Kim johnson
  • Size (SF): 3,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

This project 3,000 SF project consisted of a second generation tenant improvement in a Medical Office Building for a Family Practitioner. The Family Practitioner is part of the John C. Lincoln Healthcare and this project is one of three that we have done for them. The space consists of a waiting room, procedure room and offices. The Renaissance Companies remodeled the entire space by moving walls, installed new mill-work, re-worked lighting, repaired finishes and updated the overall look from the previous office.

McKesson Pharmaceuticals

  • Owner/Client: Trammell Crow Company
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group
  • Size (SF): 150,000
  • Location: Tolleson, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $9,200,000

This project was a 203,000 SF manufacturing facility. Programming standards developed for 100,000 SF of future facilities. The Renaissance Companies worked with City officials to expedite City review time. The project had extensive automated Material Handling and heavy electrical distribution. The Renaissance Companies also managed and installed an additional $9,000,000 in automation equipment. The project included:

  • Two miles of overhead and ground level conveyor systems
  • Dock-high receiving and shipping area
  • 20 dock doors
  • 50,000 SF Mezzanine
  • Conveyor trash compactor and walk-up compactor
  • 10,000 SF of office space
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Shutterfly Tenant Improvement

  • Owner/Client: Liberty Property Trust
  • Architect: West Balmer
  • Size (SF): 101,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $5,100,000

101,000 SF facility consisted of the addition of a 57,000 SF photo printing production area, a 13,400 SF rack storage and shipping area, 28,800 SF of office and production support areas, and 1,800 SF data center.

Mechanical Improvements included the addition of 872.5 Tons of air conditioning, a humidification system for both production and data areas, a cooler room with an available 148,000 CFM of exhaust, and an energy management system to monitor and control the entire mechanical system.

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Snyders of Hanover Expansion

  • Owner/Client: Snyders of Hanover
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group
  • Size (SF): 93,000
  • Location: Goodyear, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $7,100,000

The Renaissance Companies and Deutsch Associates coordinated services for this new one-story, 110,000 SF pretzel manufacturing plant though the client’s headquarters in Hanover, PA, beginning in August 1997. Deutsch negotiated a development agreement with the City of Tolleson to reduce the budget by $600,000 which also reduced the schedule by 2.5 months. Construction of the plant included concrete tilt-panels on a slab-on-grade foundation with a pre-cast concrete T-roof system.

The Expansion: The Renaissance Companies and Deutsch Architecture Group were selected as a Design/Build team to provide Snyder’s of Hanover with a 95,000 SF addition to their existing facility. Design began in June, 2005 with a budget of $7.4 million. Building additions included a warehouse, packaging and process facility, process chilled water system, and a second floor for administrative offices.

Deutsch Architecture Group coordinated services for this new one-story 110,000 SF pretzel manufacturing plant through the client’s headquarters in Hanover, Pennsylvania beginning in August 1997. Construction started in January 1998 and was completed by July 1998. The budget cost was $5,300,000 and the actual cost was $5,193,657. Deutsch negotiated a development agreement with the City of Tolleson to reduce the budget by $600,000 which also reduced the schedule by 2 1/2 months. Construction of the plant includes concrete tilt-panels on a slab-on-grade foundation with a pre-cast concrete T-roof system.

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Riverside Industrial Center Phase I, II, III

  • Owner/Client: KT Riverside LLC
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group
  • Size (SF): 1,600,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $54,000,000

The Renaissance Companies and Deutsch Architecture Group is working in a Design/Build contract to deliver to this long-term industrial client the largest distribution center project in Arizona’s history. This 1,542,000 SF facility was designed and constructed in two phases which include:

  • Single dock arrangement
  • Drive-up ramps
  • Office spaces
  • Restrooms
  • Warehouse space
  • Refuse areas

Phase I: Design of Phase I began July 2005 with a budget of $18 million. Construction began in March 2006 for the 342,369 SF single story structure. It is constructed as a dock high building with a single dock arrangement on the north side and south side with concrete tilt panel construction. The roofing system consists of steel columns, joists, girders and decking. The clear height is 30’-0” minimum on the interior spec warehouse space. Phase I included the redesign of the northwest and south elevations to add 97 dock doors within the set schedule. An interior fit-up for this national tenant was also finished within this timeframe. Construction was completed in November 2006 with an actual cost of $15,596,000.

Phase II: Design of Phase II began October 2005 with a budget of $32 million. Construction began in August 2006 for the 1.2M SF single story structure. It is also constructed as a dock high building. Phase II has exactly the same construction requirements as Phase I including concrete tilt panels and a roofing system consisting of steel columns, joists, girders and decking. The clear height will be 30’-0” minimum on the interior spec warehouse space. Phase II is still currently under construction, expected to be completed in February 2008. The actual cost is projected at $34,731,786.

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Gould Electronics

  • Owner/Client: Gould Corporation
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group
  • Size (SF): 54,000
  • Location: Chandler, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $42,500,000

The Renaissance Companies and Deutsch Associates were retained to perform the design build expansion of the Gould electronic Electroplating facility. This expansion consisted of over 54,000 SF of heavy industrial manufacturing space along with 2nd floor administration offices, full floor plan basements for wet process equipment, central plant utilities upgrades, laboratories, and a class 10,000 clean room. The design team worked with the facility process engineers to determine the design parameters of the Building and facility infrastructure that was required to support the new copper foil electroplating process equipment. Facility utility studies were completed to evaluate the capacity of the existing infrastructure and also determine the operational costs for the manufacturing plant. With this information the team set out to optimize the retrofit of the existing cooling towers, central chilled water plant, compressed air systems, electrical distribution, hot water boilers, and clean rooms to meet the new processing equipment requirements. The team also worked with the operations people of the manufacturing plant to understand their material handling and product flow requirement to insure that the materials flowed through the plant in an efficient manner from raw materials delivery, processing, and finished good storage and shipping. The team worked to integrate these key factors into the facility layout and materials of construction while always looking to minimize the impact on the existing plant operations. Shutdowns, outages, and physical tie-ins to the existing facility were highly coordinated and scrutinized to insure minimal impact on the plants production and insure quality was not compromised during construction.

  • Class 10,000 clean room
  • Photo laminate laboratory
  • $20,000,000 expansion project – to expand copper foil
  • Production in an operational facility
  • Core slab with concrete topping slab for main building floor
  • Cast in place basement walls
  • Full floor plan 2 level basement for process equipment
  • 2nd floor administration offices
  • 2nd floor mezzanine for process and building load centers
  • Rectifier equipment
  • Ship and receiving warehouse expansion
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Dr. Doerr

  • Owner/Client: Dr. Doerr
  • Size (SF): 5,000
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ

This project was a 5,000 SF tenant improvement of a Orthopedic practice office. Phase I included: a reception area, waiting room, exam rooms, two procedure rooms, small rehab area, records/billing/back of house offices. We built the entire office and got certificate of completion as phase I. Due to the lag time of the x-ray machine delivery we came back for Phase II to install the x-ray facilities including lead lining and testing.

Eduardo’s Reception Hall

  • Size (SF): 16,000 SF
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

This 16,000 SF project consists of the tenant improvement of what was a Shoe Pavilion into a reception hall complete with stage, dance floor, bar, DJ booth, kitchen, dressing rooms, etc.
The project consists of high end architectural finishes and specialty light effects including LED lights, strobe lights, stage lighting, projection screens, etc.
A unique feature of the reception hall is a set of oversized doors at 9’1”x7’ to allow a limo or horse and carriage to drive in.
New air conditioning units have been installed on the roof and the Renaissance team took care of making sure that the loads were all calculated correctly and the roof was reinforced to handle the new loads.

Hyatt Regency Spa Avania and Lobby Renovation at Gainey Ranch Resort

  • Owner/Client: Hyatt Development Corporation
  • Architect: Swaback Partners
  • Size (SF): 20,000
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $12,500,000

The project consisted of the complete overhaul of the hotel’s lobby, new construction of a 20,000 sf spa, and new construction of 75,000 sf ballroom and garage addition all while the hotel was under operation.

For the lobby, The Renaissance Companies overcame the challenges of working in a confined space by having to control the staging of materials, structural demolition in an operating hotel, noise management, an extraction of demolished materials.

The spa consisted of a 20,000 sf turn-key building with masonry stem walls, masonry walls and wood interior and joist construction.

The ballrooms and garage consisted of a three level pre-cast concrete parking garage with space for 524 vehicles and a 25,000 sf ballroom addition.

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Wild Horse Pass – Sitework

  • Owner/Client: Wild Horse Pass
  • Location: Chandler, AZ

This project consisted of a pedestrian roadway between Wild Horse Pass and the Phoenix Premium Outlets Mall. This connection allows pedestrians, golf carts and Wild Horse Pass passenger buses a means to safely travel between the two developments. This connection includes:

  • Demolition of the existing landscaped area and walkway located between the east and
  • West parking lots on the North side.
  • Realignment of the road at the pedestrian crossing
  • Pedestrian walkway
  • Landscaped areas
  • Bus path/roadway
  • Cart path
  • Retaining Walls
  • Water feature
  • Shade Canopies
  • Vehicular gates
  • Retaining walls
  • Realignment of Kokoho Road at the Connection crossing
  • Earthwork including filling a portion of the existing borrow pit
  • Electrical landscaping, irrigation and hardscape
  • Renovation of the existing Wild Horse Pass east parking lot area.

The project also included overflow parking lot improvements including, grading and drainage, paving, curb and gutter, lighting and landscape.

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Temple Solel

  • Owner/Client: Temple Solel
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group
  • Size (SF): 40,000
  • Location: Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $1,120,000

The Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), Guaranteed Maximum Price project type, consisted of the complete interior demolition of the existing sanctuary, the addition of four full-sized classrooms, the construction of an amphitheater type sanctuary with operational partitions, as well as the remodel of the part of the existing school for the upgrade of existing classrooms to match new rooms. The project schedule was determined by the Temple schedule, school schedule and administration needs. The project was completed on schedule and on budget.

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Valley Christian High School

  • Owner/Client: Valley Christian High School
  • Architect: orcutt | winslow
  • Size (SF): 20,000
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $1,970,000

The project schedule was determined by the class schedules. The project consisted of a 2-story masonry building, built in the middle of campus raising many logistic challenges. The building had eight full-sized classrooms, a computer lab, an office and the science laboratory. This work was performed while keeping the existing school operational and safe for the students.

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Washington Elementary School

  • Owner/Client: Washington Elementary School District
  • Architect: Archicon
  • Size (SF): 85,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $4,671,986

This Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) project was a new district headquarters and warehouse combination. It was an 85,000 SF tilt-up with a 20,000 SF mezzanine. There were two floors of office totaling 40,000 SF and 65,000 SF of dock height warehouse. This was built adjacent to an operating grade school, so The Renaissance Companies had to work with this school and parents to assure students safety and a quiet learning environment.

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Grand Canyon University

  • Owner/Client: Grand Canyon University
  • Architect: Evolution Design Inc.
  • Size (SF): 23,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $546,461

This project consisted of the tenant improvement of Grand Canyon universities 38,000 SF office on two floors and turned gray space into office space and created teaming areas. We worked closely with the Director of the School of Nursing College to deliver a space for the administration, counselors, financial services and high-tech training rooms for all three functions.

The Renaissance Companies self-perform team completed the entire project except for carpet installation.  The work performed included dry wall patching, painting, repair grid and grid installation and millwork.

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Freeport McMoRan

  • Owner/Client: Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold
  • Size (SF): 37,573 SF tenant improvment and 10,000 SF addition
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 3,885,706

This project consisted of a 37,573 SF Tenant Improvement in an existing tilt-up shell building with the addition of a 10,000 SF mezzanine, conference, training, and team rooms, office, break rooms, copy/coffee areas, security rooms, quiet room, and human resources areas. Special features of the design included radiused walls throughout the project and two sets of radiused stair systems finished in stainless steel, slate, and wood paneling. The Renaissance Companies coordinated all of the clients vendors – security system, network system, systems furniture – with respect to rough-in systems, layout, and coordination of final installation and trims.

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Johnson Bank at Peoria Center at Arrowhead

  • Owner/Client: The Alter Group
  • Location: Peoria, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 800,000
  • Architect: McCarthy Nordberg

Magma Hotel

  • Owner/Client: Magma Hotel
  • Size (SF): 18,200
  • Location: Superior, AZ
  • Architect: archmatrix

The 18,200 SF project consists of the complete overhaul and historic restoration of the Magma Hotel. This project is very unique and special to The Renaissance Companies as it is our oldest historic restoration project to date. The project is all wood frame construction complete with a roof top patio and sleeping porches. The hotel will include 21 guest rooms with large suites on the bottom floor, a full service restaurant, bar and observation deck. The old jail behind the hotel will be used for offices and a small museum. The project is designed by archmatrix and both companies are preserving as mush as possible as well as following the strict guide lines by the advisory council of historic preservation (achp).

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Hyatt Pinon Pointe Phase II Vacation Club

  • Owner/Client: Hyatt Development Corporation
  • Architect: Swaback Partners
  • Size (SF): 40,000
  • Location: Sedona, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $13,500,000

This project consists of 138-two and three bedroom units for the Hyatt vacation club. The buildings are wood frame hillside construction.  The Renaissance Companies always prides itself on using mostly local subcontractors on job sites that are outside of the phoenix area. For Hyatt Pinon point, 60% of the work was performed by local tradesmen.

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M&I Bank Pinal County

  • Owner/Client: M&I Thunderbird Bank
  • Location: Pinal County, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 1,400,000
  • Architect: Bollinger Cardenas Architects


  • Owner/Client: Macherich
  • Size (SF): 4,500 SF
  • Location: Goodyear, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 1,300,000

This project is a 4,500 SF ground-up restaurant at The Market at Estrella Falls.

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Butterfly Wonderland

  • Owner/Client: Odysea of the Desert
  • Architect: Robert Brown Architects
  • Size (SF): 14,500
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $5,100,000

Project consists of a unique 14,500 SF butterfly learning center, with classrooms, movie theatre, aquarium, amphibian display, chrysalis room, bee and ant display, retail store and children’s play area with 10,500 SF conservatory attached. The conservatory consists of an exquisite humidity and temperature controlled tropical environment containing thousands of butterflies and rare tropical plants conducive to the butterflies’ habitat. The Odysea Mirror Maze consists of a 3,900 SF building with a state of the art laser system and mirror maze. It also includes party rooms and lobby area.

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Valley Bank

  • Owner/Client: Valley Bank
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 502,000
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group

Conservatory of Recording Arts Sciences

  • Owner/Client: Conservatory of Recording Arts Sciences
  • Architect: Nagaki Design-Build Associates
  • Size (SF): 20,000
  • Location: Gilbert, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $1,650,000

The Conservatory of Recording Arts Sciences is a for-profit technical school specializing in audio recording, engineering and production education. Teaching methods emphasized this though hands-on experiences with modern equipment. The Renaissance Companies built six recording studios with attached control rooms, including all recording equipment, mixers, etc. Other areas included offices, administration areas, cafeteria and student lounge.

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M&I Bank Wealth Management

  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 950,000

Rancho La Loma Medical Office Building

  • Owner/Client: Sun Health Properties
  • Architect: DeVenny Group
  • Size (SF): 48,000
  • Location: Litchfield Park, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $4,184,000

This project was a three phase project, starting with site infrastructure, a 48,000 SF medical office building and some interior improvements. The building serves as a central hub serving many senior living centers in the area with emergency care and specialty doctors’ offices. The Santa Barbara style consists of steel beam construction with an EIFS skin application on it. The site plan has enough parking and pads for future building phases.

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Lakes Medical Plaza

  • Owner/Client: Rosskamp
  • Architect: Matthew Budge Architects
  • Size (SF): 30,000
  • Location: Goodyear, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $2,600,000

The project consists of a 23,000 SF masonry and stucco medical building. The Renaissance Companies performed all tenant improvements in the building including a 11,915 SF office and neurological research lab for Sun Health. Responsibilities included coordination of equipment vendors, high floor flatness and structure tolerance and instillation of various shielding configurations. Due to its large size of the equipment being installed in the CT, PET, MRI and x-ray suites, The Renaissance Companies performed exterior modifications during the installation and then replaced the modifications upon final installation.

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Spectra Eye Institute Addition

  • Owner/Client: Spectra Eye Institute
  • Architect: VP Architecture
  • Size (SF): 4,000
  • Location: Sun City, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $760,000

The project consisted of a demolition, renovation and expansion of operatory theatres for non-ambulatory surgery, recovery and office area for non-laser eye surgery. The project was completed in three phases while the facility was still fully operational. The renovations included upgrading and brining the facility up to I-occupancy codes, regulated medical equipment. The project included the ICRA process and the necessary barrier and filtration precautions due to the existing or being fully functional during construction.

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Quail Run Medical Plaza

  • Owner/Client: Paragon Properties LTD
  • Architect: Bill Clay Design
  • Size (SF): 60,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $7,800,000

The project consisted of a 4-story 60,000 SF medical Office Building with a steel beam and joist structure and a concrete fill-over-deck floor system. The exterior is a steel stud frame with a combination of glass curtain and EFIS skin walls. The structure included two hydraulic elevators and a medium pressured HVAC distribution system. Site work included low water usage landscaping, underground retention and covered parking. The Owner was able to save over $30,000 due to The Renaissance Companies design assist capabilities, continuous budget estimates and continuous comparisons of site building costs.

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Alliance Bank

  • Owner/Client: Shorenstein
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 158,000
  • Architect: Phoenix Design One

The Shops at Gainey Village

  • Owner/Client: Westcor Partners
  • Architect: DFD Conoyer Hedrick
  • Size (SF): 140,000
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $11,500,000

This project coined “Scottsdale’s first lifestyle center,” was designed-assist and consisted of 14,000 SF with four new shop pad buildings and in-line shops with three majors in it.

The Tenant Improvement included

  • Gardunos 13,000 SF one story with mezzanine highly themed Mexican restaurant
  • Thaifoon, a high-end Asian themed restaurant by Desert Island Restaurants
  • Bloom, a high-end modern American restaurant by Desert Island Restaurants
  • Via Veneto, a high-end Italian shoe store
  • Jager, English couture
  • Pickles & Ice Cream, a high-end baby clothing store
  • Baby Couture, a high-end baby clothing store
  • Bova, a contemporary furniture store
  • Bella Di Amore, couture lingerie and bedding

This project included water features, bench seating areas and covered pedestrian walkways. This was the first large job in the Valley that set popular trend by incorporating large amounts of stone on its façade.

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Gardunos Restaurant at Gainey Village

  • Owner/Client: Gardunos Restaurant
  • Architect: Kevin Howard Architects
  • Size (SF): 16,000
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $3,800,000

The project consisted of a two story restaurant with 14,000 SF main floor and a 2,000 SF second floor. The restaurant consisted of several dining rooms, bar area specializing in tequila, exhibition kitchen and private meeting area. A challenge with the project was that the Owner brought in three semi load furniture, handrails, lighting fixtures and tequila tanks from Guadalajara and they were not UL rated. The Renaissance Companies paid UL to come and test all the equipment with no additional charge to the Owner. The Renaissance Companies brought in a Nevada theming contractor. One of the unique finishes was that the columns and bricks were made by an artist who layered plaster to create the form and then sprayed it with sun to create a weathered color and then clear lacquered finish on it.

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The Shoppes at Gilbert Commons

  • Owner/Client: Newquist Ault, the Donahue Schriber
  • Architect: KDRA
  • Size (SF): 233,500
  • Location: Gilbert, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $15,000,000

This 233,500 SF new build/tenant improvement consisted of building for several majors including Dress Barn, Ulta, Sports Authority, Marshall’s Home, Mattress Firm, and Henry’s Market and finishing out their interiors.

The project also consisted of creating the two pads for Golden Corral and Kohls, in-line shops, and six shop pad buildings.

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Arizona Design Center

  • Owner/Client: The Alter Group
  • Architect: Patrick Hayes Architecture
  • Size (SF): 140,378
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $6,000,000

This project consisted of four separate buildings connected by an atrium lobby and a courtyard along the axis. The building consists of concrete tilt panels, accented with masonry and steel eyebrows. From day one, the entire project was leased and The Renaissance Companies completed over 15 separate Tenant Improvements (T.I.). Each T.I. consisted of the trade high end designer showrooms complete with offices, conference rooms and break room. Not only was it a challenge to satisfy over 15 Owners at once but the project also had 54 days of rain within its 90 day period. With the large amount of rain, the tilt process was delayed significantly due to the crane not being able to have a stable footing on wet ground. The Renaissance Companies overcame the challenge and completed the project on time by working two shifts a day, seven days a week, to complete the T.I.s once the building was tilted.

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Chandler Village Center

  • Owner/Client: Westcor Partners
  • Architect: KDRA
  • Size (SF): 114,871
  • Location: Chandler, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $5,875,000

This 114,871 SF new build/tenant improvement project consisted of three “major” pad buildings and two in-line shop components. The tenants included:

  • Sports Authority, a 35,127 SF “grey” shell building
  • DSW Shoes, a 35,000 SF turn-key building
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond, a 27,044 SF turn-key building
  • Shops “A” consisted of 12,000 SF of “grey” shell
  • Shops “B” consisted of 5,700 SF of “grey” shell

Two majors were two-sided architecture, with the balance being single elevation architecture. The work was phased, and the initial phases – site work – commenced with “at risk” grading permits in an effort to enhance and accelerate the schedule for the end-users.

Renaissance was part of the preconstruction budgeting, participated in value-engineering investigations, design coordination, as well as being directly being responsible for the assembly of the final construction costs.

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DC Ranch Crossing

  • Owner/Client: DC Ranch Crossing, LLC
  • Architect: Butler Design Group
  • Size (SF): 67,650
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $14,300,000

This project was an upscale retail center comprised of five buildings located on a 20 acre lot. The site entrances, parking areas and building access included over two acres of decorative concrete paving. Buildings on this site included installation of custom precast architectural elements at columns, door/window surroundings and archways. Design and construction of a 67,000 gallon water feature was also an integral part of this project. The Renaissance Companies prides itself on the fact that construction on this 11 month project was phased to allow the anchor tenant (AJ’s Fine Foods Market) to open well ahead of schedule, which inevitably increased the flow of customers to the area sooner.

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Fiesta Bowl Offices and Museum

  • Owner/Client: The Fiesta Bowl
  • Architect: S.E. Design
  • Size (SF): 15,000
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $1,200,000

The project consisted of shell building that was delivered “grey”, and the improvements included complete mechanical system, electrical distribution, office improvements, security systems, secured storage/vault, data and communications systems, and conference facilities.

Finishes included operable glass walls (and associated structure), radius walls and ceiling elements, extensive custom millwork, systems furniture, and core restroom finishes.

AWARD: International Interior Design Association Southwest Chapter – Southwest Chapter Design Competition – 2007 PRIDE Award – Commercial Office Over 10,000 SF for Fiesta Bowl Office – s:e Design, Inc. – 2007

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Pima Office Center

  • Owner/Client: Mainspring Pima Center 1, LLC
  • Architect: Butler Design Group
  • Size (SF): 240,000
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $21,600,000

Pima Center is the largest third-party commercial development on Native American land in the country. The office buildings are two-story’s, constructed of structural steel roof and floor systems with load bearing masonry and concrete tilt-up exterior walls. 240,000 SF of assembly and distribution buildings were constructed of concrete tilt-up exterior walls with wood hybrid roof systems. Structural steel mezzanines were constructed for future second floor offices.

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Deer Valley Federal Credit Union

  • Owner/Client: Deer Valley Federal Credit Union
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: 848,769
  • Architect: Deutsch Architectural Group

Villages at Troon North

  • Owner/Client: Pinnacle Estancia Retreats, LLC
  • Architect: RSP Architects
  • Size (SF):
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $18,300,000

The project consisted of hillside construction which required for major engineering to facilitate the installation of underground utilities and cast-in-place retaining walls. The two story buildings consisted of masonry and stucco construction, with framed wood roof systems. The eight structures included two hydraulic elevators, extended balconies, and interior court breezeways for court yard access.

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Insight Carver Road

  • Size (SF): 64,000
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Cost/Budget: $4,200,000

This project consisted of converting an existing warehouse space into a new office space for Insight. A new sales office was built along with internal training rooms, Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) rooms, multiple conference rooms and new restrooms with showers. The Renaissance Companies supervised the installation of a fully enclosed backup generator and new HVAC units with energy management systems. The existing utility company transformer was exchanged for a larger one and the SES were de-rated to a new 1,200 amp SES was put into place to upgrade the power supply to the existing fire pump for the building. To assist with achieving LEED Silver, high efficiency air-conditioning systems, enhanced building thermal insulation, new and replacement low-water-use plumbing fixtures, monitored electrical power controls, day lighting methodologies and low VOC finishes were included in the new improvements.

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