This 114,871 SF new build/tenant improvement project consisted of three “major” pad buildings and two in-line shop components. The tenants included:

  • Sports Authority, a 35,127 SF “grey” shell building
  • DSW Shoes, a 35,000 SF turn-key building
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond, a 27,044 SF turn-key building
  • Shops “A” consisted of 12,000 SF of “grey” shell
  • Shops “B” consisted of 5,700 SF of “grey” shell

Two majors were two-sided architecture, with the balance being single elevation architecture. The work was phased, and the initial phases – site work – commenced with “at risk” grading permits in an effort to enhance and accelerate the schedule for the end-users.

Renaissance was part of the preconstruction budgeting, participated in value-engineering investigations, design coordination, as well as being directly being responsible for the assembly of the final construction costs.

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