These two separate projects consisted of a 14,213 SF building including 3,266 SF of office. The operational end of the facility consists of a loading dock for local and over the road trucks to receive and ship ice cream to and from the -20 degree F freezer. The dock operates at 40 degree F.
The building shell is a steel structure consisting of joists and metal deck with wall girts for supporting the insulated metal freezer panels. The insulated metal panels range from 5” on the freezer, 4” on the dock and 2” at the office. These panels are a kynar coated 26 gage panel over poly iso insulation and they interlock together as installed.
The roof is a single ply membrane over poly iso insulation varying from 6” to 5” based on location. The concrete building slab is a typical slab for the office with vapor barrier. The warehouse slab is much more complicated. It is a 5” sub slab with 6” of insulation and a top slab of 6”. A 45 mil vapor barrier rest over the 5” sub slab and below the poly iso insulation. The sub slab sits on a 24” deep rock bed with perforated vet pipes which vent the sub slab area to the building exterior.
The building has five dock doors for servicing trucks and freight. The single dock leveler is a vertically storing leveler with bumpers. All dock doors have dock seals.
The freezer is served by a pre-action fire protection system. The remaining facility is fed by a typical wet sprinkler system.
Fire alarm is a Siemens system which monitors the HVAC duct detectors as well as the fire risers flow and tamper switches. The system also has horns and strobes for a fully annunciated system.
The office portion consisted of drivers rooms, restrooms, office spaces, storage, telco, breakrooms and tool room.
Additionally, The Renaissance Companies coordinated the install of the security, access control, and compressed air systems. The security install included a three door access control system and motion detector for intrusion detection.
Site work consisted of site masonry fence, sliding gates, main gates, landscaping, underground utilities with below grade retention tanks, fuel systems, site lighting, and multiple site truck charging stations.