This project consisted of four separate buildings connected by an atrium lobby and a courtyard along the axis. The building consists of concrete tilt panels, accented with masonry and steel eyebrows. From day one, the entire project was leased and The Renaissance Companies completed over 15 separate Tenant Improvements (T.I.). Each T.I. consisted of the trade high end designer showrooms complete with offices, conference rooms and break room. Not only was it a challenge to satisfy over 15 Owners at once but the project also had 54 days of rain within its 90 day period. With the large amount of rain, the tilt process was delayed significantly due to the crane not being able to have a stable footing on wet ground. The Renaissance Companies overcame the challenge and completed the project on time by working two shifts a day, seven days a week, to complete the T.I.s once the building was tilted.

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